What is Digital Marketing and Why is it Important for You?

Digital marketing is the art of advertising the products and services that your business offers on the internet. It is a field as wide as it gets. The average consumer spends roughly 6 hours on the internet every day and the number of people using the internet are growing by the day.

Traditional marketing that involves TV, radio and newspapers has become less effective as it used to be in the days. This is because today’s consumer is spending more time in places other than the television, the internet. And as an SEO expert in Lahore, one’s job is to reach such a consumer through the internet.

Digital marketing is all about making the online presence of your business known to more and more public. Most businesses live fully online and digital marketing is crucial to the operations of these businesses. However, it isn’t limited to online businesses, physical businesses can equally utilize the services of an SEO company in Lahore to enhance their operations through the internet.

Down below, some of the components of digital marketing have been mentioned.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of optimizing your website with the aim of ranking higher on Google. Once you rank higher on Google, you get higher traffic. Traffic that comes in from SEO is also known as free traffic because you do not pay anything to Google to rank higher in search results. The components of your online presence that can benefit from SEO are websites, blogs and info graphics.

Social media marketing, also known as SMM is the process of promoting your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn etc. This increases your brand awareness, brings traffic to your website and is one of the most effective tools in generating leads for your business.

Pinterest and YouTube also fall under SMM and these are gaining importance in the world of digital marketing. The type of platform that is used depends on the products and services that your business is selling.

Showing ads on social media channels is mainly a paid service and therefore the traffic you get from SMM is not in fact free traffic. Neither is this traffic organic. However, it is an effective way of promoting your business.

Search engine marketing, also known as SEM, is the process of promoting your website on search engines so that it appears higher in search results. This largely involves SEO as well but mainly paid ads of Google and other search engines for displaying your website in search results.

Consumers see these ads in their search results whereas business owners bid for specific keywords upon which their ads are optimized. Searching for a specific keyword will display certain paid ads and these ads depend on the keywords.

This is again paid traffic also known as inorganic traffic for your website coming from SEM. However, it still lets you rank higher on Google by increasing your visibility on the internet.


SEO can be approached from a number of different ways, each weighted differently in helping you effectively increase your ranking. A typical SEO company in Lahore optimizes your website using On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

As the name implies, this includes all the SEO that is present on your website, which is immediately visible when a consumer opens your website. On page SEO is aimed for increasing your organic traffic and your ranking through the use of keywords.

Again, as the name, this involves all the activity that is not performed on your website, but it helps your website rank higher. Mostly, this involves backlinking. This is the process of getting inbound links to your website, from other websites. The authority and credibility of these ‘other’ websites affects your ranking and performance.

SEO for Social Media

Social media has millions of people online at a given time of the day and this makes it an important place to implement your SEO strategies. SEO experts in Lahore largely make use of social media.

Here are some of the way that social media comes into play.

Mentions and engagements on social media are usually referred to as a weak signal to a website and the link does not hold much worth. Therefore, any SEO expert in Lahore would not make use of social media to drive traffic to a website through backlinking, it is simply an effort that was abandoned many years ago.

While social media should not be used to drive traffic, it certainly comes in handy when you want to increase your brand awareness. A huge number of people use social media every day and this directly implies that this traffic can be aware of your business if you use the right platform.

This is paid marketing and it is used to increase the awareness of your business in a highly efficient manner. A social media ad can be filtered to reach an audience that is most relevant to your business by specifying age, location, gender and interests etc.

SEM for Increased Traffic

SEM makes use of these two elements that can be termed as the most important.

Google AdWords is a service by Google through which website owners can pay for increased visibility of their website using Ads on Google. Moreover, Google AdWords effectively helps you display your ads in the most relevant search results.

Bing, like Google, is a search engine that is largely used by consumers to browse through the internet. SEO companies in Lahore make use of Bing to help your website display ads in the relevant search results.

Although Google is more highly used but a number of devices and consoles, mainly those of Microsoft such as the Xbox, make use of Bing for browsing. With a huge number of consumers on Bing, one can make use of the populated search engine to display ads and run an SEM campaign.

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