Using Generic Anchor Texts in Backlinks

Anchor texts are just another method of backlinking, however, there is one subtle difference in simple backlinking, anchor text and generic anchor texts etc. Before diving in, its good practice to explain the subject at hand. So, before I proceed, I would take a while to explain what back kinks are and will then proceed to explain why you should use them.

Ever went to a website to see words like “read more”, “click here” or “info”? These are generic anchor texts. Words like these, that backlink to another website are basically generic anchor texts. They are different from regular anchor texts because they carry no information about the website they are being linked to whatsoever.

While regular anchor texts can be of 4 kinds,

Branded; name of the company that owns the target page

Naked URL; the URL itself of the page that is being targeted.

Exact Match: a target keyword is used to point to a target page

Partial Match: the target keyword itself is not used but a variation of it is used.

On the other hand, generic anchor texts have very different referencing styles. Although they work the same way, you click the hyper linked word and you go to the target page, the hyper linked word makes a big difference.

As mentioned earlier, generic anchor texts, like regular anchor texts, back link to another website. However, given the fact that they do not carry any information, how can they be of help? Well, the answer is that generic anchor texts can make a big difference when it comes to backlinking.

A research was conducted in which a website that wasn’t optimized was backlinked in websites all over the world. Although the top most backlinking was through non-generic anchor texts, roughly 3% of the backlinks came of just a single generic anchor text.

So why how can such an anchor be of help when it does not even tell readers what the target website could be. The answer is that generic backlinks do not always keep the reader clueless, reader still have some intuition of what the target website could be. If you are including a generic anchor text in your content, then you may add it like this.

to read more about how to care for your pet click here” …

 This shows how your reader will be expecting some text on how to care for a pet although the anchor text does not say anything related to it.

This also explains why generic anchor texts can be so important, it’s because they are actually bringing in 5 to 10% of the traffic for many websites. 5 to 10% can be a huge fraction which you can obtain if you exploit it right.

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