8 Web Design Guidelines You Should Know About

In this piece, we talk about the most needed 8 web design guidelines which most definitely will help your website rank better and appear more authoritative.

Probably the most important thing about an effective web design is that it should be easy to navigate through. This is only possible when your web design is not too cramped. By adding too many unnecessary pictures, links and columns of text, you make things overly complicated. This makes it more difficult for users to navigate through the content of your website.Therefore, number 1 of effective web designing is to keep it simple.

Make it or Break it

Seeing someone for the first tie or entering a fancy restaurant for the first time, it is the overall aura and the vibe of the person or place that makes the first impression.

Therefore, first impression is of great importance as it is what you base all your future judgements on. In case of a website, your web design is of paramount importance. It is what makes the first impression of your website. The overall aura of your website should be absolutely on point.

Well Organized

A website should be easy to navigate through in the sense that a visitor should not end up wondering where and how to scroll through a website. This is almost frustrating to some point. Therefore, you should make sure that the navigation through your website is entirely intuitive and easy for everyone.


When a visitor looks at your home page and then goes off to another page, the last thing they should feel is that they have jumped from one website to another. Your website should be entirely consistent in its design. Every page should follow the similar design patterns and color combinations. Your website should appear as a one big entity with subpages. Nothing should look out of place whatsoever; this loses the identity of your website.


Today, the internet surfed with the use of a number of devices such as mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets and iPads etc. Your website should be responsive in such a way that it allows optimum use on each sized screen no matter what device is used.

Work ON All Browsers

Although the general opinion is that a website works on all browsers equally, but this is really not the case. You must make sure that your website runs perfectly well on all browsers and it should be optimized accordingly.


There are so many websites out there that just seem to ruin the colors and one does not want to stay on such websites for longer than a minute. Your website must have a consistent color code such that there is nothing too sharp or out of place. Moreover, there should be a perfect contrast between the colors of the text and the background. Nothing should be difficult to look at.


When designing your websites, take out a special moment only to decide the colors you would use from the pallet to optimize results. Hit and trial may also work for you.

Free From Errors

Websites are just another form of technology that are prone to errors. In order to get the best out of it, you must make sure that your website is free from errors. Any errors in loading or opening pages will only deteriorate the progress that you could have made with a professionally developed website.

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