SEO for News Publishers

Successful SEO incorporation for new publishers requires a very different SEO strategy because of a number of reasons. The most important reason is that Google changes its search algorithm every 3 to 4 months. Therefore, new publishers’ content that ranks well today may not rank well a few months or a few weeks from now. The question this raises is, how do news publishers cope with the changing algorithms of Google every now and then.

Organizing SEO

News publishers also need a very specific kind of SEO strategy because not everyone is interested in every kind of news. Moreover, news also has different types. There are newspapers such as the Metropolitan and then there are buzz feed articles and specific news websites such as Huffington posts. Different kinds of news publishers want to be seen through a different kind of lens that is specific to them and this is essential to their success.So, it has been established that SEO for news publishers is very different as compared to the SEO for ecommerce and other businesses. However, the factors that determine ranking and therefore traffic are more or less than same for news publishers as well.

Factors To Get Traffic

SEO experts have studied the factors that carry more weight in determining the web traffic of news publishers in 2019. The most important ones happen to be the following.

  • Volume of Keywords in the Content
  • Content created around a specific niche in a broader market.
  • Time taken by the website to load.
  • Qualitative backlinks
  • Improving existing content
  • Improving user experience

These factors closely determine what news publishers need to focus on in 2019. When content is created around a specific niche with qualitative backlinks, it automatically finds a target audience that is more interested in the news by the publisher. Moreover, such an audience will spend more time on the website and therefore the ranking of the news publisher is further increased.

Improving your Website

When the news publisher works on improving website loading speed, the user experience goes up exogenously. Lastly, previous content on a website plays a very important role in determining ranking. More content means the website is more heavily populated and this also means that the previous content be used for optimization. Therefore, the previous content is improved for the news publisher’s website.

The time that a visitor spends on the website, the quality of the traffic coming in, backlinks, domain and website authority and the time taken by the website to load are among the most important factors.14% of the SEO experts are of the opinion that time spent on the website is the most important in determining the ranking of the news publisher website. On the other hand, a few even believe that the meta tags, keywords in images and keywords in titles determine ranking more heavily.

Secondary factors include pageviews per session, keyword density, website security and content length. These factors are manipulated in such a way through the use of SEO strategies and campaigns such that one can start ranking better on Google.Ranking better is important mainly because it leads to traffic. The ultimate goal of an online SEO campaign is to bring significant traffic to a website. By increasing ranking, your website starts showing up more often on Google and therefore, you proportionally get a higher number of views.

Another factor that is not surprising at all is the user experience on the website. This is also in coordination with the quality of traffic you are getting. A better user experience comes from factors such as good content, adequately long and relevant to keywords. This user experience results in the user spending a longer time on the website. Furthermore, when the time spent on the new publisher’s website increase on average, the ranking of the news publisher goes up. Therefore, it is an interconnected process.

Why Choose Us for Your SEO Needs?

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