Are You Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai?

Digital marketing has gained huge popularity around the world and this largely because of how common the internet has become. With data and connection rates going down, more and more people are getting access to the internet. There was once a time when the TV, radio and newspapers were effectives modes of advertising. Today, these including billboards and streamers are known as traditional marketing mediums. Traditional marketing has become much less effective as it was back in the days. Today there is an estimated of 5% increase in the number of people using the internet each year. Moreover, an average person spends roughly 6 hours on the internet every day and this number is also subject to increase. Therefore, if people are moving away from the TV and radio and populating the online world, it is important to go to the internet to advertise your business where the mass population is already sitting. If you own a business in Dubai, then to get stronger in the competition it is almost necessary that you have a website. This website would be your online presence that represents you on the internet. And if you already have a website, it is important to advertise your website, i.e., advertise the online presence of your business. This is why you will be needing digital marketing services in Dubai.

What is Digital Marketing and Why Does Your Business in Dubai Need It?

Digital marketing is the process of advertising your business on the internet to reach more consumers. The aim of an effective digital marketing campaign is to increase the traffic, leads and conversions that your business is getting. Traffic refers to the number of people who are visiting your website in a given time period whereas conversions refer to that fraction of the traffic that is actually buying from your business. Leads are the number of people who show an interest in your business. A lead is generated when a visitor to your website writes you an email, makes a call or writes a feedback form. If you hire a digital marketing company in Dubai to enhance your business, their main goal would be to increase traffic and correspondingly conversions also. Your business needs digital marketing because in almost any niche in the market today, there is significant competition. While your business may be selling one product, there will be numerous other businesses selling the same product. This means you are not the only one with a website. There will be other websites of businesses selling the same product and you need to beat them at their game. A website that shows up in the top 3 searches has a chance of being viewed more often by 60% as compared to those that are not among the first 3.

Here are some of the reasons your business will need digital marketing.

Find Customers Where Customers are Present

About 22% of the world population is using Facebook today and millions of people are simply using the internet every day. The amount of people using the internet increases by 5% each year. And the average user spends roughly 6 hours on the internet every day. This tells you that the internet is becoming a significant place to find consumers and sell to them. Your business needs to look for client and the internet is an important place for that to happen at. Using digital marketing, you can advertise your online presence, whether it is a website or a social media account. However, you may keep in mind that social media and websites are just one channel through which digital marketing happens. There are thousands of ways to promote your business on the internet and a digital marketing company in Dubai can help you.

Giving Everyone an Equal Chance

It’s common to see one big store come into a small town and wipe out business opportunities from smaller businesses. If your town has a bunch of smaller shops but then a Kroger or a Walmart comes along, and the smaller businesses lose business altogether. However, this is not how it works on the internet. Everyone has an equal opportunity to rise above others. Yes, Amazon is the big gun when it comes to eCommerce but generally, your business can rise above it with the right kind of SEO and digital marketing. We have helped many businesses rise above bigger companies with their online presence and this is as simple to comprehend as it gets. Your business can also benefit from better digital marketing and gain more traffic from the internet.

Be More Targeted in Your Advertisement

When you run an ad on the television, radio or a magazine, you do not choose who will be seeing your ad. For instance, the best you can do is filter out your target audience from the kind of audience that the particular TV channel or magazine is previously getting. However, you still cannot be particular about your audience’s preferences, age, gender and interests. However, through digital marketing you can go a long way in choosing the exact audience your ad should be getting. You can choose an audience from what they previously search on a browser (through the use of cookies). Alternatively, you can choose the age, location, preferences and gender etc. when advertising on social media. This is also why digital marketing is much cheaper because you pay for the number of people who view your ad and you get the most out of even the first 100 people who view your ad. Therefore, digital marketing is not only cheaper but also has a great return on investment.

How Can We Help You?

If you are looking for an SEO company in Dubai to boost the online presence of your business, then we extend our SEO services to accommodate customers globally. In this age of technology and communication, distance is not the slightest impedance. Our SEO experts will be in a close communication with your business to understand your needs and offer you services accordingly. We have worked with a large number of international clients and this gives us the competitive edge of understanding digital marketing around the world. We use SEO tactics that aren’t generic or pre-determined, rather we customize them for each individual client. This is why CorWeb is strongly in the competition for SEO services in Dubai.

Our Digital Marketing Services

When you look for digital marketing services, you need to be clear on whether you are looking for an SEO company in Dubai or a Social Media marketing company in Dubai. Whether you need SEO or social media services, we extend our services to accommodate clients from Dubai at highly affordable costs. However, down below we have made the breakdown of these individual services and how your business in Dubai can benefit from it.

Why Do You Need SEO Services in Dubai?

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of optimizing your website so that it shows up higher in search queries. This is important for menu reasons. The first being that the internet is a competitive place and in order to get decent traffic, you need to show up more often in search results.

You get traffic when you are visible on search engines and this is exactly what SEO is about. SEO increases your internet visibility and consequently, more people know you exist.

You do not only need to focus on Google as your primary search engine where your product might be displayed. YouTube, Bing and Yahoo are also among leading search engines. Your online presence in any form can be optimized with the right kind of SEO campaign. However, the right kind of SEO campaign is something only a professional SEO agency in Dubai can offer to you.

We work in a dedicated manner to provide an effective SEO strategy that is customized to fit the needs of our consumers individually. However, you may still be wondering how you can benefit from SEO in particular. Here are some of the ways that your business in Dubai can benefit from SEO services.

Bring the Best Traffic to Your Business

When someone looks for a TV on their browser, it means they are planning to buy a TV. If your business sells TV’s and you can bring such a consumer to your website, you have almost closed a deal. The consumers who are on a search engine and are looking for something, they make up for the best kind of traffic. And intuitively enough, this is because they are looking for a product and you can bring them to your website and sell to them.

Get Higher Conversions

Traffic that comes in from an effective SEO strategy converts at a much higher rate as compared to traffic that comes from other sources such as the social media. Mainly, this is because traffic on a search engine comprises of those consumers who are already interested in a product. When these consumers come to your website there is a high chance that will convert and consequently your business benefits.

Your Product Shows Up in Search Results

Yes, it has been said earlier but this is such an important benefit (and arguably the primary) aim of an SEO strategy. At any given of the day, there may be people who are looking for your product on the internet. This tells you that you can bring such consumers to your website by showing them that you are selling the product that they are looking for. Your website, for instance, is an online brochure for your business that can sell you without you having to personally interact with any of the visitors of the website yourself. Whatever you are selling, if your website showcases your products or services in an effective manner and you are showing up in search results, there is a high chance that you will sell much better than you would without SEO. SEO particularly helps you show up in search results and gives you the opportunity to sell yourself more effectively.

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing Services in Dubai?

As said earlier, roughly 22% of the entire world’s population is using Facebook and about 71% of the Facebook users see their Facebook every day. Moreover, roughly 51% of all the people who have Instagram accounts use it every day. This means there are a large number of people who are on these social media platforms. The figure kind of multiplies because an average person has roughly 7 social media accounts. This figure is also increasing, just 5 years ago an average person had only 3 social media accounts. When there is such a large fraction of the world’s population on social media, it makes social media an important place for you to be marketing your product. If you are looking for a social media company in Dubai to advertise your business, then we extend our services on a global scale at highly affordable prices. You can get in touch to know more about our services or get a quote on your requirements and we are happy to help.

Down below are some of the ways through which your business can benefit from social media marketing.

When a consumer is looking for a product or plans to purchase from a particular business, they will most probably look it up on the internet. Other than a website, if your business has a social media page then you communicate some kind of authority and authenticity of your business. Moreover, as a leading social media marketing agency in Dubai would do for you, we update your profiles regularly. This communicates the same message that a store with a loaded front shelf would. In comparison a store, with empty shelves would be less likely to do well in business.

We create and update profiles regularly to keep your social media presence robust and we then market it so you get the most out of it.

Huge marketing campaigns are undoubtedly highly effective but also super expensive and not every business can afford it. However, when you are considering social media marketing, each dollar gives you huge value in terms of benefits. You can filter and reach the right kind of audience in fairly little time and the best part is that the audience that sees your ad is the most relevant. This is because you can choose age, location, gender, interests and specify many other parameters. This allows you to reach an audience that would most likely be interested in your product.

Almost everyone is on Facebook or Instagram today. When your business has a presence on one of these platforms that are most effective for you, you have a better chance of interacting with potential clients. There is often a huge gap between business and a lot of people do not want to make calls or write an email. A social media presence would bridge this communication gap and make it easier for your consumers to get in touch with you.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that internet advertising is a competitive industry and therefore we make sure to offer competitive services as well.

There are two things through which we remain competitive, the first being the quality of our services and the second our prices. Our digital marketing experts have worked for years on multiple projects. With each coming year, we gain more and more experience through which we can serve you even better. Moreover, the industry is competitive because there is a high demand for digital and social media marketing experts but with this high demand, there comes a large number of agencies offering the same services. We understand this and in order to be sustainable and effective, we offer highly competitive and affordable prices.

Lastly, we love taking care of our customers. Our services are shaped and customized for each particular client. We go every extent to satisfy our clients and this comes because:

  • We deliver on time.
  • We provide qualitative work
  • We work in an environment of strong communication with the client
  • We create a game plan so that you know exactly how we will be working
  • We are accountable for everything we do.
  • We provide post sales support and services as well. Once a bond is created with a client, we nurture it to keep it healthy.

Corweb has gained a reputation for its consistent success and happy clients and we go every length at ensuring that our customers are happy with their decision to let us work for them.

Get in touch with us to know more about our services or get a quotation.