Before we dive into why you should consider SaaS SEO strategies for your website, it is important to first establish what SaaS really is. SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”. As the name implies, your website runs on a software that you have rented as a service for a limited time.

SaaS SEO differs from traditional software’s because in a traditional software, you have to purchase a software package and install it into a PC. This traditional software comes with a license that may limit the number of users or devices that can use the software.

This implies that if you go for tradition software, you incur hardware costs and costs for setting up the website. Moreover, you also have to manually update your software for smooth functioning periodically. Lastly, if there is some feature of the package that you are not using, you end up paying for that as well.

SaaS avoids all this for you. In SaaS, you pay for what you use. Users who wish to set their website up on a SaaS software simply pay for a limited time subscription, usually a month. Moreover, users can also unsubscribe from the service when they fell like they don’t need it anymore. Probably the most important thing about SaaS is that the software and all its relevant files are on a cloud. This means you do not need any physical hardware. Therefore, it is a much more cost effective and easy to maintain software for your website.

Traffic is what we want on our websites at the end of the day, because traffic is what enhances business and gives you higher clientage. Precisely speaking, this is all business owners want. We implement handpicked strategies to increase traffic on your SaaS website.

Google analytics and keyword tools are of course one way to go about it, but this doesn’t make it big time when you want big time results. We go organic with our strategy to know what your audience is looking for.

Most businesses have a Facebook page, this has huge potential. What your audience comment on your Facebook page is one to figure out what your audience want. Moreover, your audience may also comment on your SaaS website under a certain product. We use many other strategies as well to know what exactly the audience are looking for.

These comments are the queries coming from the audience. This is what they are looking for. These comments give you a foundation to start from scratch.

Once you know what your audience is looking (from the comments mostly), we find related keywords. We combine two parameters when looking for keywords. The first is that it is directly related to your audience wants, and second is that it is an opportunity keyword.

We make use of Google search results to look for the most relevant keywords. When you place a query in Google, it gives you search suggestions in the drop-down box. These suggestions are all the related keywords that you can make use of.

Another very important technique is the use of related searches at the end of a Google page. These keywords are what we work with and optimize your website accordingly.Moreover, we do not give up on the basics. We still make use of tools such as keywords explorers and Google Keywords to make the best of our efforts in every way.

Beyond keywords, we fix a lot on your website too. Here are some things we do for your SaaS website.

  • Fix long URLs
  • Fix broken links
  • Get rid of unnecessary content that takes long to load
  • Optimize website images
  • Optimize content structure in addition to content itself
  • Optimize meta properties.

Your website needs to load as fast as possible and we make sure that happens because visitors will leave if your website takes longer than 3 seconds to load.Furthermore, our team puts in the effort and techniques that have been refined over years of hard work and mistakes. This is what sets us apart in many ways as well.

Why Choose Us for Your SEO Needs?

SEO has the highest ROI in ecommerce and online businesses. Once you invest in the SEO health of your website, it gives you results in the form of traffic and consequently, business enhancement.We offer data driven SEO strategies, in which we collect data organically from your website and online networks. We keep you updated with our work and so that you can personally track your progress as well. Our keyword research strategies are really what set us apart because it is through this research that we know what your audience is looking for and how you can catch their interest. Furthermore, we also incorporate relevant backlinks to and from your website to improve your website credibility and rank you higher.