Vinyl Fuzion
September 10, 2017
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Vinyl Fuzion

Clarence Riley-bandleader saxophonsit/DJ

Clarence was a late bloomer when it came to music.

He was originally taught by his sister as a high school freshman. (He wanted to play his favorite songs from the radio)

After 2 years of classic training, his mother suggested he bring his sax to choir rehearsal (Clarence cannot sing to save his life)

From that point on he fell in love with the sound of playing music by ear.

Like most young men, he had other hobbies, including DJ’ing, and one day while he was practicing his sax, he began experimenting with his DJ’ing, and the Vinyl Fuzion concept was born.

Today he plays for private events (weddings, corporate events, etc)   along with his group Vinyl Fuzion and travels nationally for his clients

Miscellaneous info-Clarence hates alcohol, but loves Sprite!