Does the Internet Help Small Businesses?

Small businesses have come a long way in how they function and how they keep up with times. It started off with putting a sign on the store front that read “Just Opened” and then came the newspapers where they started putting up ads. Local newspapers were and still are a great source of advertisement. Then came the radios and TVs through which news about small businesses went directly to the living room of every home. The internet is now the next big resource that smaller businesses are making use of to their benefit. The number of ways that the internet can help businesses of all sizes is almost incomprehensible. Here, we describe some of those ways in detail.

Consumers On Internet

A huge fraction of consumers actually goes to the internet to look up a product before they actually go out there to buy it. Now what exactly is the fraction? According to some research, the number touches a figure of roughly 97%. With such a huge potential clientage, one can almost imagine how the internet can be exploited to your benefit.

Role of Social Media

Probably one of the biggest parts of the internet are the social media platforms that are being used around the world for small businesses. Social media gives you an instant connection with the world, in such a specialized way that the benefits are endless.

Looking For Business

Let’s see this from a more intuitive perspective, you are trying to look up a business on the internet. Let’s you’ve spent a good few minutes (that is really all it takes), you haven’t been able to find the website, but you have most definitely found their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account at least. A large number of businesses state that they get up to 72% of their loyal customers from their social media accounts.

Reach Public or Market

Social media gives you a great way to reach out to the public and market your brand for an inexpensive amount. The internet comes with social media which is of huge importance to just about any business today.

Internet Analytics

The next big thing that the internet gives you is an analysis. Your social media accounts along with your website, when properly active and optimized, give you a decent amount of traffic. This traffic brings its queries, searches and so much more. These are all tools to make an analysis. Whether you want to go the extra mile and make use of powerful internet statistics tools or just use your intuition, you can use such statistics to make yourself better.

Basic Tools

On the other hand, there are some basic tools like Google Analytics and Domo through which you can monitor your social media pages and websites. These tools can help you judge the position of your business, know your short falls, know what your customers really want etc. One of the biggest benefits that analytics impart is that you know which of your efforts and products are most successful. Through this you know, how you are most effective in running your business and you can solidify those aspects in particular.

Old Days

Gone are the days when the paper and pen was one of the most important tools you had and keeping track of things around your business was done manually. Today there are tons of online resources and automation tools that you can use to streamline things in your business.


You don’t need a customized checkout system; you can simply use an online one that runs as long as your internet is connected. This along with many other tools can be used to reduce the physical labor and manpower needed for your business to function.

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