Generating a Custom Web Design for Contractors

Whether you offer plumbing services, HVAC services, construction, roofing, painting, remodeling, windows and doors etc., a website is your key to performing better in the business world. For a while now, CorWeb has been designing websites for contractors of all kinds.

A website is your online presence that helps you drastically increase your business operations. Some contractors have even declared a 300%+ increase in the leads the generated ever since they took their business to the internet.

There are countless benefits of having a website. As a contractor, you are trying to find the right kind of audience who is in need of the services that you offer. However, traditional advertising will cost you lost of money and will reach a very limited audience. You need to see your website as an online brochure that speaks for you and sells you to your customers.

A website costs your much less as compared to traditional advertising. Digital marketing lets you reach a specified and filtered audience at the fraction of what a traditional advertising campaign would cost.

Here at CorWeb, we create websites that not only bring in traffic but also convert them into customers. This is important because traffic itself is not worth much if you aren’t getting a decent fraction of it actually buying from you.

Here are some of the ways in which we create a website that can help a contractor.

When your website is up on the internet, it is contributing to your online presence but the very essence of it is lost if it is not showing up in search results. Research says that roughly 90% of online experiences for consumers are initiated through a website. This deliberates on the importance of the visibility of your website.

As a contractor, if you get your professional website from CorWeb, we ensure that your website has been optimized to show up on the first page of Google. Not just that, we use the best search engine optimization techniques to make sure your website makes its way to every relevant search query.

Your website needs to be responsive, i.e., it needs to properly work on any and every device. About half the visits to a business website are made through a mobile phone or a tablet and the other half through a computer.

If your website only works smooth on a computer, you lose the interest of at least half the audience that would otherwise be a lead through your website. We create websites that work properly on all different kinds of devices and browsers. You never know from where a buyer will be accessing your website but when they do, you need to be ready to offer them your very best.

This comes through a number of different practices. Your website should run fast, to start with. Most users will leave if it doesn’t load within the first 3 seconds. Moreover, your website should be aesthetically pleasing to look at. A website that has poorly designed graphics and bad color work will not keep users hanging around for too long.

The very fact that your website is your online representation should be enough to convince you that it needs to give users a good reading experience.

Research says that roughly 80% of the users will leave a website if it is not secured i.e., it is an HTTP website. We create websites that are secure and user friendly for visitors.

Why Choose Us?

We focus on three main things when completing a job, first off, we ensure that whatever we deliver is highly qualitative. This is because the success of our work is the baseline of our reputation. Moreover, we make the highest effort to deliver on time. In fact. We deliver well before deadlines. Each department is communicated a deadline for a certain task, and we hire on the basis of punctuality. Therefore, delivering late is not an option for us. Last but not least, we operate for our clients at highly affordable costs. Surprisingly, not all of our team members work under the same roof. Some work from many miles away but the key to our success is that we work in a closely-knit circle. Everyone communicates with everyone and therefore, we get to work at lower costs and higher productivity. Therefore, we cost you lesser as well!