Creating Websites to Boost Conversion Rates

Conversion is when a visitor to your business website ends up buying from you. Conversion rate is easier to understand when you take the example of a brick and mortar store. Imagine 100 people coming in, in one day. Out of these hundred people, 78 will actually buy something whereas the remaining 22 will just look around and leave. This means that the conversion rate of this particular store is 78%.

Now that there is some understanding of conversion rates, we will go on to explain how it works on websites and how we can boost conversion rates of a website.An online retail store may have many people visiting their website in one day. This means that the website has good traffic. However, if a decent percentage of this traffic does not buy anything from the store, then there is really not much to the store owner from it.

However, web design is something that can do wonders for you. From increasing your leads, conversions and traffic, it can even do things like building a brand image and increasing your credibility to the consumers.

Here are a few ways through which we increase the conversion rate of your website here at CorWeb.

If a consumer comes to your website to purchase something, then it is 5 times more likely that they will abandon the cart if your website is not optimized for use on a mobile phone.

About half the consumers access websites through their mobile phones and tablets whereas the other half through computers. Deductively speaking, there is a huge probability that you stand way below your maximum potential if your website is not optimized for use on a mobile phone.

Here at CorWeb, we create websites that are optimized for use on every device and every browser. This makes websites 100% responsive and therefore give you the ability to tap your maximum potential when it comes to boosting your conversions rate.

Showing a couple of happy faces on a website makes it look more human. Adding the human element to a website that is to be used by human beings to make purchases is just as important as anything can be.

Here at CorWeb, we take care to ensure that the added photos are your business’s property and are not stock photos. More importantly, we make sure that the photos in use are representing your brand. It largely contributes to your brand image on the internet.

We find it important to have a section for reviews and testimonials in a web design where you are selling a service. This is again important because it adds to the human element when you are selling to human beings.

The basic psychology is that most consumers would like to touch something before they will purchase, and this leads to some products less successfully sold on the internet. Testimonials and reviews, coming from previous customers, help new customers trust the product.

In this way, a consumer may be more confident about purchasing a product even if they haven’t seen it physically.

Call to Actions are when a consumer is encouraged to buy the product that you sell. If a consumer has to navigate through your website to be able to buy the product, there is a chance they will leave the website. Therefore, at CorWeb, we make plenty of call to action buttons on your website to make it easier for customers to purchase from your website.

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