What is Digital Marketing and Why is it Important for You?

What is Digital Marketing and Why is it Important for You?

Digital marketing is the art of advertising the products and services that your business offers on the internet. It is a field as wide as it gets. The average consumer spends roughly 6 hours on the internet every day and the number of people using the internet are growing by the day.

Traditional marketing that involves TV, radio and newspapers has become less effective as it used to be in the days. This is because today’s consumer is spending more time in places other than the television, the internet. And as an SEO expert in Lahore, one’s job is to reach such a consumer through the internet.

Digital marketing is all about making the online presence of your business known to more and more public. Most businesses live fully online and digital marketing is crucial to the operations of these businesses. However, it isn’t limited to online businesses, physical businesses can equally utilize the services of an SEO company in Lahore to enhance their operations through the internet.

Down below, some of the components of digital marketing have been mentioned.

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the process of optimizing your website with the aim of ranking higher on Google. Once you rank higher on Google, you get higher traffic. Traffic that comes in from SEO is also known as free traffic because you do not pay anything to Google to rank higher in search results. The components of your online presence that can benefit from SEO are websites, blogs and info graphics.

Social media marketing, also known as SMM is the process of promoting your business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn etc. This increases your brand awareness, brings traffic to your website and is one of the most effective tools in generating leads for your business.

Pinterest and YouTube also fall under SMM and these are gaining importance in the world of digital marketing. The type of platform that is used depends on the products and services that your business is selling.

Showing ads on social media channels is mainly a paid service and therefore the traffic you get from SMM is not in fact free traffic. Neither is this traffic organic. However, it is an effective way of promoting your business.

Search engine marketing, also known as SEM, is the process of promoting your website on search engines so that it appears higher in search results. This largely involves SEO as well but mainly paid ads of Google and other search engines for displaying your website in search results.

Consumers see these ads in their search results whereas business owners bid for specific keywords upon which their ads are optimized. Searching for a specific keyword will display certain paid ads and these ads depend on the keywords.

This is again paid traffic also known as inorganic traffic for your website coming from SEM. However, it still lets you rank higher on Google by increasing your visibility on the internet.


SEO can be approached from a number of different ways, each weighted differently in helping you effectively increase your ranking. A typical SEO company in Lahore optimizes your website using On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

As the name implies, this includes all the SEO that is present on your website, which is immediately visible when a consumer opens your website. On page SEO is aimed for increasing your organic traffic and your ranking through the use of keywords.

Again, as the name, this involves all the activity that is not performed on your website, but it helps your website rank higher. Mostly, this involves backlinking. This is the process of getting inbound links to your website, from other websites. The authority and credibility of these ‘other’ websites affects your ranking and performance.

SEO for Social Media

Social media has millions of people online at a given time of the day and this makes it an important place to implement your SEO strategies. SEO experts in Lahore largely make use of social media.

Here are some of the way that social media comes into play.

Mentions and engagements on social media are usually referred to as a weak signal to a website and the link does not hold much worth. Therefore, any SEO expert in Lahore would not make use of social media to drive traffic to a website through backlinking, it is simply an effort that was abandoned many years ago.

While social media should not be used to drive traffic, it certainly comes in handy when you want to increase your brand awareness. A huge number of people use social media every day and this directly implies that this traffic can be aware of your business if you use the right platform.

This is paid marketing and it is used to increase the awareness of your business in a highly efficient manner. A social media ad can be filtered to reach an audience that is most relevant to your business by specifying age, location, gender and interests etc.

SEM for Increased Traffic

SEM makes use of these two elements that can be termed as the most important.

Google AdWords is a service by Google through which website owners can pay for increased visibility of their website using Ads on Google. Moreover, Google AdWords effectively helps you display your ads in the most relevant search results.

Bing, like Google, is a search engine that is largely used by consumers to browse through the internet. SEO companies in Lahore make use of Bing to help your website display ads in the relevant search results.

Although Google is more highly used but a number of devices and consoles, mainly those of Microsoft such as the Xbox, make use of Bing for browsing. With a huge number of consumers on Bing, one can make use of the populated search engine to display ads and run an SEM campaign.

Why Choose Us?

We focus on three main things when completing a job, first off, we ensure that whatever we deliver is highly qualitative. This is because the success of our work is the baseline of our reputation. Moreover, we make the highest effort to deliver on time. In fact. We deliver well before deadlines. Each department is communicated a deadline for a certain task, and we hire on the basis of punctuality. Therefore, delivering late is not an option for us. Last but not least, we operate for our clients at highly affordable costs. Surprisingly, not all of our team members work under the same roof. Some work from many miles away but the key to our success is that we work in a closely-knit circle. Everyone communicates with everyone and therefore, we get to work at lower costs and higher productivity. Therefore, we cost you lesser as well!

SEO for Car Dealers

Why is SEO for Car Dealers Important?

Why is SEO for Car Dealers Important?

Think about it this way, if you are a car dealer and you want to sell more, you will have to advertise your products. For this, you may put an ad in the newspaper or the local TV and in doing so, you will simply hope that someone who is interested in buying a car will see your ad. However, in this age of technology and the internet, many buyers rely on the internet. This means that you should rely on the internet too for higher customers as a seller.

Today, car buyers are specific about the make, model and color they want to buy. And while looking for a car, they will all go to the internet to find the right dealership. You, as a car dealer, can make use of this consumer habit and gain higher clientage from the internet.

Having a website is not enough, your website needs to be optimized so that it reaches the right kind of consumers. In this post, I will briefly go about what SEO really is and why it is important for your car dealership.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the art of ranking elements of your website higher on a search engine such as Google. Google shows a limited number of search results on the first page and you are most likely to find what you are looking for on the first page.

So, you can imagine what’s the cost of being on the second or third page of Google. SEO is used to rank all the elements higher on a search engine simultaneously. Through SEO, it is more likely that your website shows up more often in results of search queries.

Over the years, SEO has changed drastically. Long ago, website owners could simply use a bunch of keywords to have their websites show up in relevant search queries, but this was two decades ago. Now there is much higher competition. This means that the search algorithms that find your website look for much more than keywords. Now Google even tracks things like how long a user spends on your website.

As a car dealer, you need to optimize your website using tactics that apply to website optimization today. Here at CorWeb, we can make that happen by getting creative with SEO.

Roughly 60% of the consumers only look within the first three search results. Therefore, you should deduce that being within the first three gives you huge benefits.

However, here are some of the reason which should help you know why you need SEO as a car dealer.

If your website is showing higher in search results as compared to websites of your competitors, you automatically get more clicks and views. Realistically you get 60% more traffic than your competitors’ traffic.

Higher traffic normally translates to more lead and conversions therefore you sell better, and you have the edge that someone who ranks lower on Google does not.

Using SEO, you can target the consumers on the internet that actually matter to you. You can specify consumer location, consumer preferences and browsing habits. Using these SEO tactics, the consumers that actually come to your website are those who are serious about what you are selling. In this way, you can make the most out of your SEO efforts.

How Can We Help You?

Here at CorWeb, we have years of experience for making websites from professionals in all fields. As a financial advisor, you require a web design that is different from that required by other professional’s websites. Therefore, we offer to create a website from scratch, completely relevant to your profession and the services you offer. We optimize it with the right kind of keywords to boost your online presence.

Software House in Lahore

How Does a Software House in Lahore Go About Your Project?

How Does a Software House in Lahore Go About Your Project?

A software house in Lahore would typically be on where you find a bunch of programmers and coders who develop programs, websites and software. The aim here is to create something that offers digital solutions to businesses and entities.

It is very common to get IT projects such as website development or app development outsourced. In such a case, a client would get in touch with a software development company and explain their problem to which the IT experts would offer a digital solution. Clients can range from single entities or fresh start ups or large organizations. Larger organizations have a diverse experience in dealing with external companies whereas startups would not. Therefore, it is crucial for a software company in Lahore to maintain transparency and let their clients know how they go about things.

This is why we took out the time to explain to you what background processes are initiated when your project is taken over by our software company in Lahore.

This is probably the most important step in the software development process but generally it is also one of the most underestimated phases. Even if a client has given a complete product description and set the requirements, this phase is still extremely important.

In the first step, a software development company gets to know the client’s company better. The product requirements are then understood in a more adaptable manner and the software developers have a clearer idea of what is required.


This is carried out in a scoping session with the client’s company. The company, its operations, its employees, customers and products are understood in a better manner. In our case, our project managers, developers, designers and content creators have meetings with the relevant personnel in the company. If the client’s company has its own designs and standard color schemes created beforehand, this part goes happens at a normal pace. However, if it’s a new company that has yet to finalize its designs then this step takes longer.

Product Design

Next comes the product design session. Our developers and designers conduct one on one workshops with the client to understand the product and user requirements. This is the step after which the product design is fully personalized and specific to the particular client.

Usually, the first step where our software development company understands you takes between 2 and 5 days. However, nothing is set on stone, as required we may elongate or shorten this process to give you only the best services. But under any situation, we make sure to have fully discovered your requirements and product details.

Save Time And Money

If done right, we save time and money not only for ourselves but also the client. Once we understand your requirements, there are less doubts and more clarity. With a clear mind, our developers and designers can work faster through the creation phase. We also reduce the risk of a misunderstanding thereby reducing the need for revisions and redevelopment

It is important to know where one is headed on a task and the best way to be efficient is to create deadlines and benchmarks. Once the product requirements have been established, our software house in Lahore develops a work strategy. This is shared with the client as well.

What Need To Be Done

In this phase, we tell the client exactly what needs to be done and who will be doing what in the process. The deliverables are communicated so the client knows when to expect what from our software house. Moreover, we also communicate the deadlines to the clients so they know beforehand how long the actual project will take. The deadlines also give us benchmarks to complete hence keeping us on our toes until we have successfully delivered your project.

We make an effort to not deviate from the deadlines but in the situation that there are changes made to the actual plan, we communicate it beforehand.

This part sets our software house in Lahore apart from other software development companies because in most cases, there is no clear distinction of how much time the developers need.

Building Your Project

Now that all the pre-planning has been carried out, we are ready to build your project. Although it may seem that we start a bit late after the first meeting, but we assure you that it has more benefits than immediately understood by most clients.

Work Done

We have everything marked out and understood it all, now is the time where the creativity (the hard part) is out of the scene and the coding starts. Although the coding can be considered as the easy part, but it is also the most integral part. Once the coding and developing is through, you are given your final deliverable.

Problem handling

Our coders and programmers have worked on hundreds of projects and experience is in fact the best teacher. Any problem or impedance that may come up during the process, there is a high chance that our developers have experienced it at least once before. It is almost walking on a straight line when you have everything at the back of your head.

Solving Bugs After Delivery

Once delivered, we do not get out of the scene just yet. Human beings work on your project and this means the human element of error is there. We understand this. First off, we give your final delivery many dry runs to ensure there are no problems in its operations. We then implement the product on your platform.

At this point, there is still a slight chance that something does not work as it should. We are here to solve it. We revise the final delivery and clear it from all sorts of bugs until it works fully as it should.

How Can We Help You?

Here at CorWeb, we have years of experience for making websites from professionals in all fields. As a financial advisor, you require a web design that is different from that required by other professional’s websites. Therefore, we offer to create a website from scratch, completely relevant to your profession and the services you offer. We optimize it with the right kind of keywords to boost your online presence.

Competitive SEO Services for Architects

Competitive SEO Services for Architects

If you are an architect by profession, either with years or new in the field, you put bread on the table by selling your services. In this day and age, architecture has become an important skill with so many construction companies working on thousands of construction projects throughout the world. With this kind of competition, you need unique ways to stand out in the field. Reputation, skill and recognition along with so many other things are what it takes to sell yourself better.

As an aspiring architect, chances are that you have a website that is your professional online presence. It is through your website that people in need of your skill can contact you. Any and every professional, organization and business can make its website stand out as well with a good SEO strategy and an effective digital marketing campaign.

SEO has also become a very important skill and now there are thousands of SEO professionals out there lending their services. But not all of them can help you. It is for a simple reason and if you are already getting SEO services that you unhappy with, your SEO agency will not like it if you know this. The thing is, most SEO professionals do not even know what they are doing. There are scores of realities to this statement.


The reason is that with a skill highly in demand, a lot of agencies and so-called experts enter the field to make an extra buck. They use techniques and tricks that were previously hard coded into them and they hope to get them to work for you too. But SEO is not all that simple, each business and professional requires a unique SEO strategy to stand out to bring results. And this is exactly why you are unhappy with your SEO agency because you are not getting the results that you hoped to get.

Here at CorWeb, we offer one the most competitive SEO services that give you the best of results. As an architect, you can optimize your website to bring in traffic and increase your conversion rate drastically.

SEO is all about the right keywords. We look for keywords relevant to your services. This is done through a number of tools and data sets that we have access to. Through this process, we come upon hundreds of keywords relevant to you.

Difference Between Keyword and Right Keyword

There’s a difference between a keyword and the right keywords. The right keywords are the filtered out from the set of keywords that we find in the initial run. We do this by going about your customer feedback forms, emails, consumer search queries and maybe even through your Facebook and Instagram pages.

What We Do?

Once we get the right keywords, we optimize your website with it. We then wait to see how it turns out for you. Once we start getting results, we don’t stop there. We use a number of SEO and analytics tools to see which keywords are giving you the best results. Those are the keywords that can really help your website rank higher. We then use these keywords, ultimately filtered out and optimize your website with them.

Structure Of Your Website

There is an architecture associated with your website. This includes URLs, broken URLs, unresponsive pages, glitches and other things that reduce user experience. Once your website architecture has been fixed, your website is more responsive and loads faster. It ranks higher and ultimately leads to not just traffic but also higher conversion.

How Can We Help You?

Here at CorWeb, we have years of experience for making websites from professionals in all fields. As a financial advisor, you require a web design that is different from that required by other professional’s websites. Therefore, we offer to create a website from scratch, completely relevant to your profession and the services you offer. We optimize it with the right kind of keywords to boost your online presence.

Seo Services for Musicians

SEO Services for Musicians

SEO Services for Musicians

Musicians are creative professionals who trade their talent of entertaining people for a living. But that’s not always the motive, a musician is someone who loves what he or she is doing and doing it is not just about the money, they do it because they want to do it.

Once a musician has created a piece of music, whether they care about appreciation or not, we care for them. Music is something that can bring joy and happiness, evoke emotions and light up just about any kind of event. Therefore, we believe that every musician deserves recognition.

Of course, one way of going about recognition is to play your work on the TV or the radio, maybe sell records online or at a store. You can motivate people to buy your records by advertising yourself. You may also be using a website or the internet in general to advertise your music. In this day and age, technology is higher than ever before, and the internet is a very important tool for advertising yourself and getting business.

But how exactly do you advertise yourself on the internet and why should you do it in the first place? These questions call for an elaborate answer. Search engine optimization, SEO, is the art of advertising on the internet.

The internet has millions of people who are browsing at a single time and research suggests that the average person spends more than 5 hours a day on the internet. That is a lot of time to be spent at one place, for a lot of people. But as a smart musician, you may have guessed by now that these statistics lead to a very important conclusion. That the internet can be used as a tool for advertising.


You can filter out who sees your online presence on the internet to make the most out of your digital marketing effort. The internet lets you narrow down the audience to those who are really interested in the kind of music you produce or sell so that among those who see your ad, a large fraction of them is interested in it. Moreover, when only the most relevant audience sees your ad, you get to make the most of such an audience because they all show interest in your music.

Therefore, you may be convinced about the fact that the internet is an important place you to advertise your business and there is huge potential.

We have an elaborate and highly sequential process through which we go about your digital marketing. This is highly result oriented and is done keeping your immediate and future interests in mind.


First off, we start by finding the right of keywords. A digital marketing campaign largely depends on the keywords used. When looking on the internet to find keywords, you will come up with hundreds and maybe even thousands of keywords. Next, those keywords are filtered to only keep the most relevant ones. This is done using a number of online tools that filter keywords.

Once we have the filtered set of keywords, we apply them on your website. Whether you have a music website that sells music records, or you have a personal website through which you sell your services, we optimize the website.

After this, we use other kind of tools to see which keywords are bringing you the best results. Once we find the keywords that are most effective, we re-optimize your website using them.

Through the use of these techniques, we fully optimize your website so that it successfully shows up on the first page of Google and ranks higher.

How Can We Help You?

Here at CorWeb, we have years of experience for making websites from professionals in all fields. As a financial advisor, you require a web design that is different from that required by other professional’s websites. Therefore, we offer to create a website from scratch, completely relevant to your profession and the services you offer. We optimize it with the right kind of keywords to boost your online presence.

Optimizing Your Android App with SEO

Optimizing Your Android App with SEO

Search engine optimization is now gaining massive popularity because every online and physical service with a website needs recognition and needs to start showing up on Google. If you have an android app, no matter how great it is and no matter how many ways it can help consumers, you still need to tell them you have it. This is one of the basics of business that you only perform and enhance your work when you can get more people to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate your service. The internet is a great place to make this happen because of the large number of people browsing for products at a single time.

However, most people who are even looking for android apps similar to the one you have produced, may not even see your app on Google or the Play Store. How can you change that?An online presence does not necessarily mean you will be able to find you. You need a digital marketing campaign to get yourself heard over the internet. The thing about digital marketing is that it largely involves SEO and not all SEO professionals can produce results. This is because they use techniques that may not be tailored to fit your requirements in particular.

How is CorWeb different in terms of SEO for Android Apps?

As said earlier, many so-called SEO professionals use SEO techniques that have previously been used on other websites and organizations. What works for someone else may not work for you as good.

We are different in the sense that we analyze your android app with SEO to start with. We determine the audience and the niche of consumers that you are targeting. We then device and SEO strategy that deals with your android app in particular. Moreover, we don’t just stop there. This is just the beginning of what is an elaborate process that results in higher recognition of your android app.

Once we have identified your audience, what is our next course of action? It is in fact a sequential process; it has been discussed below.

Once we know what the audience is that you are targeting, we know what kind of keywords we will need to optimize your android app.

There are number of online tools that we use for this purpose. But this doesn’t magically give you the keywords you will need.

Not all keywords will help you, so we filter out the right ones. This is done through a number of different techniques. We gauge the interests of your primary audience. We gather data from your website to see which keywords are more widely being searched for. We even go as far as reading comments on your Facebook or Instagram page or the play store. Customer queries, emails and feedback forms are an important source too. After this process of elaborately filtering out the keywords that are more likely to give you results, we implement these keywords.

Once we have the right kind of keywords, we apply them to your android app. This is done in the description and tags on play store and on your website so that consumers can find you from Google.

Once implemented, we don’t just stop there. We analyze our website using a number of tools to see which ones are giving you the best results. The keywords that are most effective are further filtered out and your android app is reoptimized using these keywords. Through trial and error, we give to you the final product, a full optimization of your android app.

How Can We Help You?

Here at CorWeb, we have years of experience for making websites from professionals in all fields. As a financial advisor, you require a web design that is different from that required by other professional’s websites. Therefore, we offer to create a website from scratch, completely relevant to your profession and the services you offer. We optimize it with the right kind of keywords to boost your online presence.

Result Oriented SEO Services for Artists

Result Oriented SEO Services for Artists

In this day and age, a website has become an absolute necessity for almost every business, organization, professional and even an artist. A website is an online presence that helps consumers on the internet reach you. As an artist, you are concerned with your work and it may not even matter to a large number of artists whether their work is recognized or not. Most people do it simply because they want to do it. However, as an artist, if you are good at creating something, may it be music, literature, pictures or computer graphics, you have the opportunity to squeeze a decent bread and butter out of it. As it is rightly said, “if you are good at something, never do it for free”. Therefore, you may also do what you love doing for a living and never be bored from your work.

Artists aren’t just individuals who paint or draw, art goes much beyond that. Art can be considered as anything that requires a strong creativity and the persistence to keep going until something beautiful has been birthed at the hands of a creative.

However, this is easier said than done. A website, sure, it is your online presence, but it does not guarantee recognition and buyers of your creativity. There may hundreds of other creative professionals out there who are as good as you, but their website shows up more frequently on Google. This brings one to think about what can be done to change that.

We offer customized SEO services for artists to boost their online presence and bring more consumers to their website. We believe that if you produce great art as an artist, your art should be recognized. You may do it because you love doing it and you are not bothered by whether people recognize it or not. But it matters to us, we optimize your online presence so that there is higher traffic on your website and your art receives the recognition and appreciation that it deserves.

Here are some of the ways that our SEO services are different from those of a typical SEO agency and how it can help you.

Each website, not just for artists but for any and every business, organization and entity can and should be tailored to their needs. We believe that if one SEO strategy worked for one website, it may or may not work for another one. This is not how we deal with things. We work in such a way so as to ensure the results and that consumers gets what they pay for.

Many SEO experts out there use predetermined generic SEO strategies and techniques that produce little or no results. This is because dealing with SEO is like dealing with a problem, you can’t solve it unless you understand it. We make an effort to first understand the exact problem of a client and we then make an effort to solve it. This is achieved through a tailor-made SEO campaign that works for artists.

With the recent rise in the demand for SEO professionals, we understand that there is huge competition in the market for SEO services. Therefore, we charge an amount for our services that is not only affordable but also beats the competition for providing high-quality services.

Moreover, we offer value for money. You get exactly what you pay for and this is ensured by the results you get. We are accountable for what we promise you and we make sure that you get exactly what was promised before a deal is closed.

How Can We Help You?

Here at CorWeb, we have years of experience for making websites from professionals in all fields. As a financial advisor, you require a web design that is different from that required by other professional’s websites. Therefore, we offer to create a website from scratch, completely relevant to your profession and the services you offer. We optimize it with the right kind of keywords to boost your online presence.

How SEO Can Help You in Your Business Growth

How SEO can help you to grow your Business

Before we dive into how SEO can grow your business, we will take a minute to describe what exactly SEO is and how it is used. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of improving your internet visibility through the use of keywords and other tactics. SEO is almost a necessity as of today when there are thousands of websites functioning in the same industry and all of them competing for the first page of Google. With such a high competition, one can’t afford to not make an effort to rank their website higher on Google.In this blog post, we have described how SEO functions for business growth and how SEO can help your business grow.

Keyword Research

A digital marketing campaign begins with a thorough research on what kind of keywords can help your business. This part is in fact easier said than done, this is because when you actually go out there looking for keywords, one can almost drown in them.With thousands of keywords, all relevant to the same market, how can one filter out the best ones? It really is just an elaborate process and there is no shortcut to it. You have to narrow down to a few keywords from the thousands and analyze them. Previous website statistics, Google Analytics, social media pages and even your customer emails can help you understand which keywords are really going to help your business. A keyword is basically the consumer query with which they search on a browser. For the right kind of keywords, you need to know how the consumer functions and what they really want.


Once you have shortlisted the keywords, you implement them on your website and see how it works for you. This kind of analysis can be done using a number of online tools that are available, some even for free. These tell you which keywords are the most effective on your website and with this method you will see how seo can grow your business, Once you have these statistics, you can further optimize your website around those keywords.Therefore, one can deduce that this is almost a process through hit and trial.

More Traffic More Sales

As a business owner, what are the things you want from your business website? More traffic, higher leads and higher conversions. With SEO, you can sequentially make an effort to achieve these targets.With the right kind of keywords and other SEO efforts such as fixing broken links, improving your website architecture and improving website loading speed, you can rank higher on Google.

Unique Content and Best SEO Practices

Moreover, with the right kind of content on your website, you hold visitors to your website for longer. Google’s algorithm now goes as far as calculating the time a visitor spends on your website and ranks you accordingly. With the right kind of SEO practices, you rank higher on Google and consequently, you get more traffic on your website. But is traffic all you need? Not really, getting traffic is an indicator of good performance but you need leads and conversion to get results. Certain keywords can be used to increase your leads and conversions as well and this is all done through SEO.

How Can Corweb Help Grow Your Business Through SEO

SEO has great advantages for business websites, and we exploit this field for optimum results that aid your business in its growth. We optimize your website to bring in the highest possible traffic that you can reach in your market. Moreover, we make use of graphics and content in such a way so as to engage users and allow you to tap your maximum potential for getting leads and conversions. This results in your business making use of SEO for growing itself and enhancing its operations in its field and you will see that how seo can grow your business and sales.

SEO Services for Local Services

SEO Services for Local Services

Many small scaled companies require SEO for their websites. This helps them reach potential customers and their website starts showing up on Google. However, this not always the case with every company. All local services do not need a website for reaching clients. With limited budgets and smaller audience, a website is an investment that goes out of the way. However, this does not mean you cannot have an internet presence for your local service. Your business should still be listed on Google and customer should be able to find you. We offer such services under the category of SEO for local services. 

How we do SEO for Local Services

Consider for example, you want to refuel your car. A gas station might be close by, but you don’t know it’s there because you don’t live in this town. However, if you go to Google maps, it will direct you to the gas station.

Moreover, the gas station owner would want more and more customers to find his or her business, but do they make a website for their gas station with contact detail? The intuitive and rational answer is, and the reason is that the gas station owner’s goals can be met without having to have a website.

Under SEO for local services, we take a number of steps to list your business on the internet, so it has an internet presence. Additionally, we optimize the presence of your business on the internet to make sure that it is showing up on search results.

For local services, we list your business on Google and optimize it. Moreover, we also list your business on maps such that Google Maps and Apple Maps etc. can find it. This makes a big difference because as said earlier, a huge proportion of the customers find their way to a business through the internet.

As a small business owner without a website, we understand what you need to cover your goals of getting clientage from the internet. Once your business is localized on the internet and optimized with the help of SEO, customers will be able to find your business when they look for services relevant to what you offer.

Not only do we ensure optimization of your internet presence, we also offer to make websites at affordable costs. Through we set our goals of helping your business achieve higher sales and beating its competitors. We start by increasing the traffic that comes to your website. We then use specific keywords and authority building techniques that increase your rate of conversions. A conversion happens when a visitor to your website becomes a customer.

Through our SEO strategies and SEO campaigns specifically designed for implementation on the internet presence of local services, we increase the number of people who can find your business through the internet.

We understand that you do not need to spend an amount equivalent to that which a big business would spend on its digital marketing. Therefore, our team of SEO experts who have working in this field for many years create a campaign for you that fits your needs. We combine some of the most powerful strategies and put them to use with minimal costs involved so you can save on digital marketing.

How Can We Help You?

We have some of the most experienced web developers and SEO experts who can build and optimize your website. We work on highly affordable charges and allow our clients to get what they want, in the price that they are willing to pay. In this way, your business gets a website that you can benefit from and we get another happy customer that we can take pride in.

SEO For Small Business

SEO for Small Companies

SEO is in one way or another used by almost all businesses because internet presence is an essential business development factor and all businesses have a website. However, companies all around the world can range from small sized businesses to large multinational corporations. With such kind of competition, a small business may be held back for once. This is because larger firms have huge marketing budgets and in-house SEO teams that work on the tiniest details. Smaller companies with limited budgets may find it difficult to compete against the big guns. However, we offer SEO strategies and campaigns for smaller companies that fit your budget and will help you stand strong against the competition.

It begins by knowing! Knowledge is power and the best way to go about just about anything is to be knowledgeable about it. To start with, we know three things.

  1. 86% of the customers look for local businesses on the internet.
  2. 72% of the customers get information about local businesses from the internet.
  3. 29% of the customers search for local businesses on the internet every week.

These facts have been proven through research and research is what sets us apart. It gives us information and data that can be used to our benefit. Knowing these facts, we can safely say that small companies should and must have SEO implemented on their website to reach customers.

When customers go on the internet to look for a service or a product, you have an opportunity right there to bring them to your business. However, that is only possible when the customers can find you. Our job, as SEO experts is to give your small companies website the traffic that it needs.

We narrow down the kind of audience that would be interested in your product. That is the beauty of digital marketing that you pay for who sees your ad, unlike traditional marketing where everyone sees your ad. Moreover, once we know who your audience is, we get inside their heads. By this we mean that we look for what they look for when they browse the internet. From rigorous research and hours spent to organically find the exact that they use in their queries, we have a bunch of keywords to start with.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. We quite literally browse through comments on your website, Facebook page, Instagram DMs and emails to know what the consumers want.

Once we have the keywords, we narrow them down to the most useful ones. This, again, is a rigorous and time-consuming process. We correct our keywords through a number of online tools, keywords analyzers and hit and trial methods.

Once this process is through, we know which keywords are the most effective in bringing traffic to your website. We then maximize the usage of these keywords to optimize your website. This method works in bringing you organic traffic. We do not promise loads of traffic in 90 days or 2 months (like some SEO agencies might have promised). This is because we understand that this is a gradual process which requires time and patience.

We understand that as a small companies have a limited budget for digital marketing. For this, we bring to you a specialized SEO campaign that helps you get organic traffic and bring you in strong competition with your competitors.

SEO has the highest ROI in digital marketing investments, and it goes a long way. This is why we make our efforts worth it and long lasting.

How Can We Help You?

We have some of the most experienced web developers and SEO experts who can build and optimize your website. We work on highly affordable charges and allow our clients to get what they want, in the price that they are willing to pay. In this way, your business gets a website that you can benefit from and we get another happy customer that we can take pride in.